An animated picture of a blind young man with a guide dog

Complete or partial sight loss may seem like the end of the world. I’m not saying that coping with it is easy. But why not look at it from the other side? Everything negative has its positives.

1. Being part of the community

Believe it or not, we are not alone in the world coping with the same situation. This is even more true for people with disabilities. The feeling of belonging to a community of people whom we can trust and with whom we can relate is something that is not granted to anyone. From my own experience, I can say that most of my friends come from a community of visually impaired people and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world.

Animated picture showing a boy with a guide dog and a girl with a white cane holding each others hands
Visually impaired people often become friends

2. Do not judge the book by its cover

Appearance is so important to many people that they forget what is inside of them. Skin color, physical appearance or clothing – ask yourself if you do not create an opinion about a person before you get to know him or her? Those of us who do not have this first impression may then be able to focus on what are the inner qualities of others before judging. .

3. Imagination

TV, computer games or Youtube videos?  Admit how many of you just read a book instead of watching the movie? And those of you who indeed read it – weren’t you disappointed with the way the subsequent film portrayed everything you imagined during the reading in a completely different way? Fantasy is a valuable thing that we should not just give up easily. If one cannot see, one cannot simply lose his or her precious imagination.

4 Sensory perception

The fact that blind people have other senses better developed is a bit of a cliché. Yet anyone who has lost sight has to be able to rely more on other senses. If there is no way how to receive information through the eyes, they have to come in a different way. A person who cannot see can then enjoy the taste of a meal, appreciate a perfume, a texture of an cloth or a sound of music much better.

5. Conversation starter

The handicap can be treated in different ways. Are you in a new team at school or work, on a train, or at a party and want to start a conversation? Your handicap can be a good way to do so. For example, try to ask a random person for help. It rarely happens that someone refuses it. There is nothing in the way then to continue the conversation. If you also have a guide dog, you also have a great conversation starter. Who would not want to break the silence by admiring a beautiful dog and asking for his name?

A white lab or golden retriever standing in the foreground. In the background there is a young blind man
Guide dogs are oftten a nice way to start a conversation

6. No queues on the airport

If you are flying somewhere, you can get many benefits as a visually impaired. In addition to the assistance you are entitled to at the airport, you do not have to stand long queues for check-in and airport checks. In addition, any disabled passenger can use the priority boarding. So you can sit comfortably and avoid crowding.

7.  Disability benefits and things for free

And now is the time for what many people are envious of – financial support or things for free. Yes, even blind people are entitled to various state contributions and disability benefits. This matter really depends on the country you are from, so I don’t want to spread any false information. Here is what I can get in the Czech Republic. We can travel by train cheaper and by public transport for free. We get financial support also when purchasing assistive technology or other aids. Therefore I am really glad I can live here.

8. Memory

Did you know that when someone does not see, they have to remember many more things? This may be a drawback for many people, but the more we remember, the more our memory skills evolve. This makes learning new things much easier.

9. Uniqueness

The fact that we do not see or see badly makes us special people.  No one sees and perceives the world as we do

10. Trust

It happens that a visually impaired person sometimes needs help. But relying on other people in some ways can be difficult. But all the more we value those who are still here for us and who we can rely on.

If you know about some other advantages of being visually impaired, feel free to write them in the comments.

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